the line-up

The No BS crew's favorite part of the cruise is not the destination(s) – but the journey with YOU!



This cruise is designed so that Whitney, her family, and her friends from the cast of My Big Fat Fabulous Life are with you every step of the way! First, we'll meet you at the private cocktail party, followed by a No BS at Sea orientation first thing the next morning, where you'll receive your lanyards, schedule of activities, and get to mingle with your new No BS family. Throughout the days at sea, you can participate in as many (or as few) exclusive activities as you'd like. There will be dance classes, yoga classes, workshops, a chance to win a free onboard photo shoot & MORE! In the evening, there will be a combination of group dinners as well as evenings where you can explore other dining options. You are free to do as you wish during the days we are docked at port –– but we'll let you know what Whitney and the gang are doing if you care to join in their excursion...and in Cozumel, Mexico, you have an included group excursion on US! We'll close out the cruise with another private party on the last night before we arrive in Florida. 


Sarah attended the 2017 No Body Shame at Sea cruise and led a meditation workshop and gave a fantastic talk about her body-love journey. She is on a mission to connect with women and inspire them to tap into their own #BeGreater! At any age, any weight and any stage of life, Sarah believes that we can all live happier, healthier and more joyous lives. A veteran of the plus fashion industry, lifestyle blogger, and body positive influencer, Sarah is fiercely committed to serving plus size women and spreading messages of radical self-love. She connects with women on social media and through her signature, Launching the Love group coaching program. Her work can be seen in Plus Model Magazine, Huffington Post Woman, and Revelist, among other places. Follow her on instagram @sarahsapora. 




Valerie Sagun AKA Big Gal Yoga is a yoga practitioner, installation artist, ceramicist, radical self love enthusiast, and body positive encourager based in the SF Bay Area. Valerie attended the 2017 No BS at Sea cruise and her presence was invaluable. Her yoga practice is about learning to love yourself physically and mentally through yoga, learning to listen to your body, to know when to push itl and when to protect it. Now that Valerie has finished her undergraduate studies in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spatial Arts, she will be focusing more on her yoga practice and connecting to the yoga community. On July 25, 2017 she released her first book Big Gal Yoga: Poses and Practices to Celebrate Your Body and Empower Your Life. Follow her on instagram @biggalyoga.


exclusive activities

Only offered to NO BS cruisers!



Whitney & Todd teach two dance classes, just like her Big Girl Dance Class at home, and Valerie leads two yoga classes (outdoor yoga when weather permits)!



Learning & growing is an important aspect of No BS at Sea. Whitney & her guests lead talks on different topics, while you get the chance to ask questions and participate. 



For the first time ever, an onshore excursion is included in your rate! Learn to make (and dance the) salsa in Cozumel followed by a relaxing day at the beach!



Ain't no party like a No BS party, 'cause a No BS party don't stoooop!



There are also Q&A's, games, book signings, selfie sessions & a chance to win your own photo shoot!

full itinerary


Day 1 | Port Canaveral 

DEPART AT 4:30PM.  Settle into your cabin, unpack, and grab a bite to eat. Consider exploring the ship a bit to familiarize yourself with your new incredible home for the next seven days! That evening, join Whitney, the gang, and your fellow No BS at Sea cruisers for a private party where you can drink, dance, and get into vacation mode!

Day 2 | at sea

On the first day at sea, we will begin our day with an orientation where you can formally acquaint yourself with everyone, receive your lanyards/wrist bands, receive your detailed itineraries, and ask any questions you may have. There will also be activities planned for this day. 


Day 3 | Labadee, Haiti

ARRIVE AT 8:30AM –– DEPART AT 4:30PM. Royal Caribbean's  private beach resort features pristine beaches, coral reefs, and lagoon-like bays surrounded by forested mountains. Relax and recharge or take advantage of  an array of water sports and activities, including their famous zip-line. It's impossible to choose just one thing that's special about Labadee. The inviting beach, coral reefs, and exciting amenities, provide a perfect place to relax and have fun. And since it's an RC private island, you can use your beverage package here! 


Day 4 | Falmouth, Jamaica

ARRIVE AT 10:00AM –– DEPART AT 7:00PM. Located on the north coast of Jamaica, about 18 miles east of Montego Bay, is the port city of Falmouth. Its ideal location makes it your entryway to exploring the surrounding area and all the beautiful sights that await your discovery. There are many activities to take advantage of in Falmouth, including climbing around Dunn's River falls in a tropical paradise. You can go tubing in white water sections for some excitement or float lazily in your tube down the calm sections of the river. Any excursion you choose here is not included in your rate. 


Day 5 | at sea

This will be another fun day of No BS activities!


Day 6 | Cozumel, Mexico

ARRIVE AT 7:00AM –– DEPART AT 6:00PM. Start your Cozumel excursion by learning the secrets of how to prepare salsa. Combine your freshly made salsa with a sampling of delicious quesadillas, corn chips and fried tacos. Enjoy your salsas with tasty margaritas, both made for and brought to you from a bar. Outside the class enjoy an international buffet and domestic open bar. Next, it's time to learn how to salsa dance! After the dance lesson, be prepared to enjoy the best of the Caribbean; relax and let loose with top-notch services, facilities and exciting activities for all ages. This famous beach park is the ideal place to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, sunbathe on the white-sand beach and have a blast in the brand-new water park. This is included in your rate and will be done as a group!


Day 7 | at sea

On the last day of the cruise, we will wrap things up with several activities, like a group photo and selfie session, games, and another private party to end the cruise right!


Day 8 | Port Canaveral