November 11 – 18, 2018

Haiti | Jamaica | Mexico




Whitney Thore has joined with Cruises Only, America's largest cruise company, to bring you a truly unforgettable experience for the newest No Body Shame at Sea cruise. We welcome people of all sizes, abilities, genders, orientations and ages. We only ask that you be 18+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. In its third year running, No Body Shame at sea offers an incredibly unique experience – enjoy a seven-night celebration cruising to Labadee (Haiti), Falmouth (Jamaica), and Cozumel (Mexico) onboard Royal Caribbean's stunning Oasis of The Seas with Whitney Thore, her family, friends, and special guests. This cruise is jam-packed with dance classes, yoga classes, workshops, private parties, group dinners & other exclusive events designed to help you have the time of your life with a group of like-minded people who support you. Spend time unwinding & having fun with each other – and of course enjoy unlimited time up-close and personal time with Whitney and the gang. We can't wait to cruise with you



Being on the cruise with so many positive role models is an unforgettable experience. The No Body Shame at Sea cruise lets the real you enjoy a week of being the person you are deep down inside without feeling judged by others. You may come on this cruise as strangers but you will definitely leave as family.
No Body Shame At Sea offers a completely unique opportunity for women of all shapes and sizes to come together in a totally supportive and liberating vacation experience. This is especially powerful if you are someone who has never had the luxury of being surrounded by bodies that look like yours! Over the course of a week, I watched women come together, bond and empower each other to show up in beautiful ways. I had the opportunity to speak with the group for two workshops and found the attendees to be open, welcoming, and ready to learn new thoughts and ideas! Whether you are a fan of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, or just someone who wants to live a bold life, empowered in your own body, the No Body Shame at Sea cruise is a great trip for friends, families, couples, and even solo travelers looking for a safe place to enjoy themselves and a destination vacation.
The NO BS Cruise 🚢 is totally life changing. It has been so inspirational for not only myself but my adult daughter who has an intellectual disability. She has always been proud of who she is but now she is even more empowered and so am I. If you want a life-changing experience then come join us for the 3rd annual NO BS Cruise.
This was my first year on the NO BS cruise. I’ve been on many cruises but this by far was the best one! Getting to meet and hang out with Whitney and the cast of My Big Fat Fab Life was AMAZING!! Whitney’s life is a mirror image of my own life in many ways! It was a beautiful thing to see so many of us women of all different sizes and shapes come together to support each other and be ourselves with no judgement or shame. Whitney exudes that message from every pore of her body and her self confidence is contagious! As well as her awesome laugh!! 😂 Her family & friends were as awesome as they are on the show and I still am in shock that i met all of them! Also getting to take BGDC was so fun and brought back memories of my 12 years of dance classes/ recitals and how free and fun that used to make me feel growing up. Thank you to Whitney for her show and for doing these NoBS cruises!


This is a safe space. This is a fun space. Each year only gets better.

about WHITNEY 

Whitney is an American television personality best known for starring in TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous LifeAs a body-positive activist and self-love advocate, she started the No Body Shame Campaign in 2013 to help people of every variety live their lives free of shame. Additionally, Random House published her memoir, I Do It with the Lights On, in 2016. She also gave a Tedx talk that year.